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With our roots dating back to 1986, Asia Tech Source is an engineered parts and finished goods sourcing & manufacturing company that has been helping clients manufacture goods in Taiwan and China for over 28 years – boosting profits and reducing costs.   With sourcing & engineering offices in Taiwan and China, a factory in Changzhou, China, and a sales office in Alexandria, Virginia, we can manage your overseas manufacturing – so you can focus on growing your business.
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Asian Sourcing

Our highly experienced team of sourcing engineers, based in both Taiwan and China, are able to quickly identify and qualify suppliers which meet your specific needs. We have experience in dealing with both proprietary and non-proprietary sourcing and our reputation for delivering both trust and quality is attested by our loyal customer base. Please contact us with your sourcing inquiries and start saving time and money while maintaining quality.

Trusted Engineering

With engineering & design offices in both Taiwan and China, our experienced subject matter professionals are able to provide customers with complete project management from discovery to delivery. We handle production oversight and post-production on-site quality assurance through our unique inspection process performed on each and every shipment. This guarantees our customers receive the product just as they expect without any surprises.

Low-Cost Manufacturing

Our injection-molding and assembly factory is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu just two hours west of Shanghai. This low-cost area of China allows us to offer customers a very efficient and highly productive location for producing their products. Our skilled team of workers are able to quickly grasp our customers product requirements and form flexible manufacturing processes which reduce waste and improve productivity.